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wookie dogs training 


From loose lead walking, to recall, to reactivity we are here to help your dog become the member of your family you have always wanted!
Having many years of experience, our NDTF qualified trainer knows that every dog is different and can adapt and work with any dog from nervous to stubborn.

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Our Training Options

From personal lessons to group classes to day training, we can help you find the best solutions for you and your dog/s.

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tune-Up and Tutelage

Our Tune-Up and Tutelage day training is a great starting point! Tune-Ups are especially beneficial for dogs that need a little help in the social department. These are best paired with our Group Training package.

Throughout the day your dog will receive multiple training sessions as well as playtime either solo or with our daycare group (pending suitability). You will also receive a report card by email to tell you about your dogs’ day!

Tune-Up and Tutelage runs Tuesday – Friday during daycare hours and is $165 (combine with a personal lesson or group classes for a discount!)

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Saturday Sessions ~ Group training and Obedience 

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Whether you’re starting from scratch or working your way towards advanced, our Saturday group classes are here to help you and your dog become the team you’ve always wanted to be.  We don’t just stop at sit, drop, stay, and come! Heavy importance is placed on social neutrality and impulse control so that when you take your dog places you can have an enjoyable experience!

Classes are available to be purchased as:
Single class: $40
Four-week block: $165
Ten-week block: $350

 Combine a block of classes with a personal lesson or Tune-Up for a discount!

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One on One ~ personal Lessons

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One-on-one lessons are in a controlled environment to help you learn to work with your best friend on whatever they need!
This class starts at $165 and include private hire of our facility, private lessons with our qualified trainer, and continued support by email!

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Puppy PRE-School (8 weeks old – 16 weeks old)

A fun and interactive class run by our highly experienced and qualified dog trainer to help you set up your best friend for life, helping your dog experience new sounds, surfaces, and moving objects during their sensitive learning period. We cover important subjects such as grooming, toilet training, correct socialisation, and basic obedience.

Length: 4 weeks, every Thursday at 630am till 730pm,
Cost: $150 (starting November)

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Puppy School (4 - 6 months old)

Helping set the basics in place! Whether having completed our Puppy Preschool or missed out on Puppy classes our Puppy school for those aged 16weeks to 6 months is here to help you learn to master puppy impulses, basic obedience, lead walking, socialisation and more! Working with our highly experienced in-house trainer we will teach you all there is to know about your growing puppy and how to communicate effectively with them.

Length: 4 weeks, every Tuesday at 630pm till 730pm,
Cost: $165 (if completed, previous class it is $132) (Starting October)

Real World Walks

Group Walks out in the real world, where you can proof your training, or practice having a nice walk with your dog in a supportive environment.
Running fortnightly on Saturdays. 10am till 11am  from March -October only as summer it is too hot. Different locations updated each month in the newsletter.

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